BXX is a premiere consulting source serving manufacturers, artists, and leaders within the beauty community as well as businesses and entrepreneurs from various industries and disciplines. Founded by Strategy Expert and Entrepreneur Coach, Indian Tyler, BXX has been servicing business entities and professionals for over a decade and is based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our team of experts provides innovative solutions to an eclectic potpourri of businesses and individuals ranging from hair product manufacturers to actors, cosmetic companies to fitness instructors, platform artists to musicians, and filmmakers to salon owners: we service a beautiful array of organizations and talent.

It is our core belief that all disciplines within the beauty industry are interconnected, and we whole-heartedly subscribe to this philosophy in all we do for our diverse client population. Our full-service firm offers unparalleled expertise in event coordination, project management, business and brand development, and strategic planning. We partner with our clients to bring loose vision into clear focus; and with our exceptional knowledge and experience what was once dormant, stagnant, or strictly cranial is propelled into motion, action, and execution.

Whether your organization is an established entity or a start-up, our specialists will provide the leadership and guidance necessary to transform any concept or idea into an expertly developed and implemented initiative. Our dynamic team is highly skilled to spearhead projects that will catapult your organization into advanced dimensionswith the goal of ultimately increase your bottom line

What We Do

At BXX we understand and appreciate every client is unique and special. We customize our approach to meet the needs of each individual client.  

Our specialists are interactive and our comprehensive process may include but is not limited to:

Initial Consultation

Goal and Priority Setting

Strategic Development Initiative (SDI) Construction      

Implementation and Project Management      



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Brand Development

Business Planning

Event Production & Management

Face To Face Marketing

Infrastructure Optimization

Network Building & Expansion

Client Building

Product Launches & Placement

Sales Presentation Development & Delivery

Sales Staff Training

Social Media Development

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