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Samuel Joey Alleyne, Network Consultant

Samuel Joey Alleyne is a master networker, strategic thinker, motivator and talent scout. He is the founder of JAMM International and Alleyne Connect. His networking skills and tactical mindset have enabled him to partner on projects for Disney, Mattel, 20th Century Fox, MyBeauty Camp, Home Depot Center, and Three 8 film works, among others.

He is a professional mime artist who has traveled internationally developing dance workshops, conferences, and productions and developed Bodimetrics, a systematic approach to empowering individuals to discover their identities through freedom in movement. He was a dance instructor/facilitator for International Dance Commission of Atlanta where he was awarded the “Pioneer of Mime” and has served as a consultant and dance instructor for Positive Images of Self Expression (PISE) where among his many achievements, he developed a successful internship program, allowing high school and college students to gain valuable journalism, business, and communication experience.

Samuel has completed post-graduate work in Public Administration and Negotiation / Conflict Resolution at California State University – Dominguez Hills, where he has also worked as Adjunct Faculty. He currently sits on the Board at Hype Dance Studios/KPA Fusion.



Indian Tyler
Chief Consultant

Terri Hernandez
Project Specialist

Samuel Joey Alleyne Network Consultant

Janice Lee
Network Consultant